hommix whole house system shower with healthier cleaner water

We know it is important to have safe water for drinking, cooking, bathing and more. For this purpose, we offer point of entry whole house water filter systems for your house or business.

These filter all the water at the building’s main water line, so all your get clean, filtered water is every part of the building. Contaminants such as pesticide residue, chlorine, and nitrates can adversely affect your health, damage plumbing fixtures, and ruin appliances.

Our whole house water filter systems reduce sediment in your water, as well as improving the smell, look, and taste. This also helps to extend the life of pipes and appliances and is perfect for homes with well water. We also offer luxury salt water softeners that offer key benefits such as scale reduction and improved cleaning/housekeeping, also helping to protect plumbing and appliances.

Our water filtration systems come with easy-to-follow installation manuals and great pre and post sale support. Chat to us LIVE for any questions you may have or simply call us on 0800 688 9598.