Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Reverse osmosis systems are in the premier league of water filters for the level of impurities you can remove and the best conditioning for the water

They are in the category of water filters that remove the very highest amount of contaminants in water using several filters, particularly a sub-micron rated membrane which therefore removes very high levels of a wide spectrum of ingredients. They are made in the US to the highest quality standards and NSF or WQA certified Internationally. If you need any advice, call us FREE on 0800 002 9533. You can browse the range below and order on-line with installation options and also buy spare replacement filters and save money. The average annual cost for replacing filters is highly economical at around £50-60, so order yours online now and choose from our range below.

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How do Reverse Osmosis Water Filters Work

Filter 1) The sediment filter is the first stage and removes particles and suspended sediments and particles to 5 micron.

Filter 2) The Pre-carbon filter then removes dissolved gases and heavy metals.

Filter 3) The RO Membrane removes impurities to 0.00001 Microns. It does not store them in the filter but washes the impurities down to drain.

4) Purified water is stored in a 10 litre storage tank.

Filter 5) The system automatically shuts off when the tank is full and then passes through a final post carbon filter to provide taste and odour optimisation for the finishing touch. Other post filters can be used to further condition the water for optimal health, such as alklaine ionisation, negative oxidation and micro-clustering.