Water Filters

Little girl drinking healthy waterAt Zelal Water, we take filtration seriously and offer a wide range of different types of filtration systems, from reverse osmosis to whole house salt softeners, countertop units, and under sink chillers.

Under sink systems filter water just before the tap, reducing sediments from water pipes, and improving taste, including Reverse Osmosis systems that will rigorously remove most pollutants.

Countertop filtration systems are available for all the benefits of filtration without the need for plumbing installation. For a more extensive system, Zelal Water offers whole house systems that provides filtered water to every water outlet in your home.

We also offer hot and cold water dispensers, pumped and free standing, and under sink chillers to provide you with a never-ending supply of delicious filtered water. For whatever filtration system you need, come to Zelal Water for the best options.

Our water filtration systems come with easy-to-follow installation manuals and great pre and post sale support. Chat to us LIVE for any questions you may have or simply call us on 0800 688 9598.