3-Way Triflow Taps

3 Way Tap demo with Undersink water filtration unit BMB Zada

Traditional kitchen taps have worked the same way for generations but now 3 way kitchen taps dispense hot, cold and filtered water from one tap. 3-Way Taps, also known as Triflow taps, can run hot, cold and filtered water all from a single tap.

Generally, modern kitchen taps have one lever for hot and cold water but 3 way taps have an additional lever just to control the filtered drinking water.

3 way taps are highly appreciated as they eliminate the need for an additional tap for filtered water alone by simply replacing your current hot/cold mixer tap without the need of having to drill another hole through your sink or worktop.

At Zelal Water we are confident that you will find the 3 way tap to suit your kitchen designs. They are simple to operate and are available with any of our wide range of under sink water filter systems. 

All of our Chrome taps have 2 Years Guarantee on the finish and 5 Years on the parts, so you know you’re covered. Other colours (i.e. white, black, copper etc.) some with a years guarantee on finish and 5 years on parts. All of our taps have easy-to-follow installation manuals and great pre and post sale support. Chat to us LIVE for any questions you may have or simply call us on 0800 688 9598